Using your phone is now a part-time job

Americans are spending 4.7 hours on average on their phones. Talking, texting, organizing, soicalizing, doing buisness... Where should you go to best get away from your phone? Users in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico spend the least amount of time on their phone, averaging around 2 hours per day.

I know that this time is not a solid block in your day, but it does make me question what I could be doing with that time otherwise. I convince myself that I do not even have an hour in the day to go to the gym, but somehow I have a spare 5 to look at Twitter and Facebook? 61 percent of Americans sleep with their phones and 53 get upset if they are without their phones. As much as it pains me to say, I must admit that I am apart of these statistics. There is even a word for people whom are afraid to be without their smartphones, "Nomophobia", and it effects 40 percent of the population.

Next time I decide to scrawl through my Facebook feed, I think I'll entertain the notion of a run instead.

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