Dementia and an Aging Population

As the baby boom begins to retire, we are finding ourselves with more old people than we know what to do with. As more people live longer our number of senior citizens increases and that also mean more disease and illnesses associated with old age. It is more important than ever to start to plan how you want the end of your life to be carried out. "One of the crucial issues facing us now, with our ageing population and the growing number of people who have dementia, is how we live the last part of our life, how we care for those who are frail and powerless, how we will be cared for in our turn, when it is our time of need."

This article proposes that we have carers in the hospital to look out for particular patient's needs. But isn't that what a case worker is? I think it is a nice idea, but when you make your bases on the fact that doctors and nurses are over worked and do not have as much time as they would like to care for special patients, then aren't they possibly just creating another role soon to be over worked? Where would the funding come from? If there is such funding in the budget then why don't they just hire more nurses so the ones they haven now aren't worked so hard?


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