What have you done in the past week? Your browser could tell you.

A detail of Penelope Umbrico’s Sunset Portraits from 11,827,282 Flickr Sunsets on 1/7/13, 2013. For the project, Umbrico searched the website Flickr for scenes of sunsets in which the sun, not the subject, predominated. The installation, consisting of two thousand 4 x 6 C-prints, explores the idea that ‘the individual assertion of “being here” is ultimately read as a lack of individuality when faced with so many assertions that are more or less all the same.’ A collection of her work,Penelope Umbrico (photographs), was published in 2011 by Aperture.

The journalist A.J. Jacobs wearing data-collecting sensors to keep track of his health and fitness; from Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt’s The Human Face of Big Data, published in 2012 by Against All Odds

"[I]n 2007 there were ten million sensors of all kinds connected to the Internet, a number he says will increase to 100 trillion by 2030." The internet is everywhere. We have been slowly allowing it to creep into everything we do. Now even your morning runs can be hacked if someone wanted to. How will this unification of daily life and data tracking affect our actions in the future? What are the bigger consequences of our online lives?


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