Now you never have to say goodbye to an ex ever again... if you don't want to.

Were you not quite ready to let the relationship go? Or did someone close to you die and you didn't get the chance to say good bye? Well don't worry you may never have to say good bye again unless you absolutely want to. A patent has just been awarded to Google suggesting the possiblity of downloading different personality types to robots. You can pick your own personality type you like or one can be choosen for you by analysing your social media. Or even creepier, but analysing someone else's social media. This robot might not know your nana's secret cookies recipe, but you could create all new memories trying to find a new one. This is eerily reminiscent of Black Mirror's series 2, episode 1, "Be Right Back."

The proposed robot's speech and facial recognition can be personalized to interactions with you. So don't worry if you tell your robot your deepest, darkest secrets. In theory (providing security is tight) they will be safe with your new best friend. Your robot could even be programed to adapt their personality towards your mood. These are huge steps towards future developing AI.

Your robot will not be subjected to mortal limitations. If for some reason your robot is damaged, all you programming can be uploaded to the cloud and simply placed into another robot body. These programs could even travel with you. Work trips will become a little more enjoyable when your hotel's robot already knows all of your preferences.

But why is this legal? To me it feels like identity theift. If you want to create your own completely new robot that mirrors your own personality and facial features, then go right a head. But being able to take someone else seems ethically wrong to me. Also is personality patenting going to be the next patent war? Can you claim something that is ephemeral and changing? Google had already announced that it had already purchased seven robot companies as of December 2013. These uber rich companies are buying up rights to things before they even exist.

Not going to lie.. I got a little teary eyed when I watched "Big Hero 6"...

#robots #science #technology

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