Police Excessive Force

At one point, fearing for his life, the man said said “they’re going to shoot me”. A witness replied: “They ain’t gonna shoot you man, that’s why we have these cameras out here.”

August 4, 2015- Police take down one-legged man "armed" with crutches.

‘Problem is the culture of law enforcement in US’ – fmr police officer on Attack on One-Legged Man


Two former cops Sgt. Marcus Eberhart, 41, and Cpl. Howard Weems, 49, have been indited for the murder of 24-year-old Gregory Towns Jr. The police officers were called to Town's apartment complex in East Point, GA on April 11, 2014 for a domestic dispute complaint. Town's ran into the nearby forest where he was quickly caught and handcuffed. During the altercation the police tasered the man at least 13 times. According to the indictment, the two officers "materially Accelerated" Town's death by continuing to use ther Taser stun guns on the man, who was "exhibiting signs of fatigue and shortness of breath."

Non-leathal guns are only non-leathal when used correctly. And police only protect when trained correctly. Major changes need to be made in law enforcement: more diversity in police hiring, more comprehensive diversity training, more extensive weapon and hand-to-hand combat training, and police should live in the areas they serve, to name a few. I need to look into the already existing protocol for these types of changes. Police should not be at war with its citizens. They are there to protect them. The power of safety enforement needs to be controlled more by the people.



#Nonlethalweapons #policebrutality #legal #torture #unarmed

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