Cop Shoots Two Children With Taser Gun for “Fighting at School”

"We see it time and time again. The police have lost the ability to assess human behavior and accurately determine the severity of the situation or “threat”; whether it’s two teenage boys in a fight or an unarmed black man with an attitude."

"The police are killing American citizens at all time record numbers. American police officers kill their own fellow citizens at rates up to 70 times greater than other nations.

Even those with similar gun laws and even when the citizen had no deadly weapon, our police kill at a much higher rate than any modern nation.

While Americans are being killed by police at all time highs, the police officers killed in the line of duty is at the lowest rate in 50 years. According to the Law Enforcement Memorial Fund which keeps track of all deaths in the line of duty, police deaths are dramatically down over the last 2 decades. And the last 2 years have been record lows."

#Nonlethalweapons #police #policebrutality

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