Dashcam Video of Cop Killing Black Man Seeking Help After Car Crash Shown at Trial

A panel of jurors in the voluntary manslaughter trial of fatally shooting an unarmed black mind in Charlotte, North Carolina, has viewed dashcam video of the incident in the courtroom, after a judge allowed fiche evidence to be introduced.

Ten of the 12 bullets Kerrick (officer) fired that morning hit Ferrell. The officer claims he feared for his life as the man ran towards him, but prosecutors say Kerrick Violated protocol and fired his weapon without provocation.

Two cops approached Ferrel with taser guns. Ferrel ran to hide between two cars. Derrick was there with gun drawn.

Kerrick shot at Ferrel four times until he fell into a ditch. When Ferrel moved, Kerrick shot at him six more times.

Kerrick died face down in a ditch.

#surveillance #weapons #StopandSearch #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter #police #policebrutality #unarmed

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