Newly Released Dash Cam Video Shows California Police Shooting Unarmed Man with Hands Up

-A federal judge has ordered the release of police dash cam footage that shows local police officers shooting an unarmed man

-public interest in seeing the material

-a stay suspending the release of the videos

-“We obtained a copy of the video, but we were never allowed to release it to the public.”

-The critical aspect of that is, just as in the prior case there was a video taken by a private person, therefore its not the property of the police department. As the nation moves towards the question of having every officer either wear a video camera on themselves or have a camera on ta car, that becomes critical because what they will do, and have been doing, is saying, “we will show the public the video, only when we deem that they could see it.”

-…We see Mr. Zeferino clearly moving his hands only to try to explain to the officer that his two friends were not his brother’s bike thief.

-Every officer is trained on day one in the academy that you take coverage if you're in fear… The fact that they're standing in front of our clients really shows that these officers were not in fear of their life… That’s important because of the spin on the story up to now was that my clients had posed a threat of harm to the officers and that the officers were afraid for their lives, which is when an officer can shoot.

#blacklivesmatter #policebrutality #StopandSearch #alllivesmatter #police #surveillance

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