Why Bio is the New Digital - Joi Ito keynote

Why Bio is the new digital

-Permissionless innovation

-forced competition- allowed to drive cost of communication to be zero

-Moore’s Law

*Low-cost networks and competing free and open source software = Low-cost innovation

-Product put together by engineers and designers and money comes later

-Pushes innovation from centralized power outwards

Sonora-converts sugar into polyester more efficiently than fossil fuel methods

*cannot categorized genes the same way you can computer components

*programable behavior in Biology

-gene printer changing the game- $1000 to print gene sequence

Synthetic Biology development 5-6x faster than Moore’s Law.

Standardized language and methods within labs

More cross over of scientist and computer engineers

“Why make silicon more like human brains? Why don’t we just make brains smarter?”

#geneticdesign #syntheticbiology #digital #technology #science

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